Back in 1939 the world was a much simpler place. There were no cell phones, computers, or tablets and people took the time to talk to each other instead of texting.  Many things have changed in the last 75 years, but one thing will always stay the same: the need for peace of mind, and quality care when it comes to a loved one. The Sylcox family recognizes this and has built their business on a foundation of compassion, integrity, and customer focus.  With the creation of Sylcox Nursing Home, the family began their journey of caring for others, and training professionals to help them in their mission.

The Sylcox Nursing Home was established in 1939, by Edward Sylcox Sr. and his mother Rachel. Located in the family’s Victorian home, patients stayed on the first and second floors, while the family lived upstairs on the third floor.  The basement, at this time, held the laundry room and the kitchen.  Edward’s wife and his son, Edward Jr. eventually joined the business, and soon after in 1974 the family sold the house and built a new 160-bed nursing home on Meadow Hill Road.  It became quite well known, and many people today still refer to it as Sylcox.  In the 1990’s, the nursing home experienced a couple of changes.  In addition to adding more beds, a home health care agency was established. The nursing home, owned and operated by Edward Sylcox Jr. and his wife Jeannine Sylcox, was sold in 2001 to Elant where it remains today as Elant at Meadow Hill.  As for the home care agency, Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care, it continues to grow and thrive.

Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care is a full service licensed home care agency located on Route 17K in Newburgh.  Their primary function is to provide home health aide services as well as personal care aide services in the home.  However, they also provide other services from nursing and physical therapy, to medical social work and nutritional counseling not to mention various supportive services from their aides such as homemaking to housekeeping services.  Their goal to this day remains to provide patients with individualized, high-quality care and to ensure an optimum quality of life.  To achieve this goal, Mid-Hudson has stood by a few common core values including innovation, customer focus, compassion, financial responsibility, and integrity.  At Mid-Hudson, they understand how difficult it is to find quality care that you can trust, and strive to create a safe comfortable environment for your loved one.

For three generations the Sylcox family has provided health care in this community.  A recent testimonial from one of the many Maybrook families Sylcox has helped stated, Our family gratefully acknowledges the management and staff of Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care for the excellent care you provided to our mother during her final year.  Her aides are a credit to their profession and reflect the values of your top quality agency. Dedicated and loving, they kept our Mom comfortable – and happy – treating her always with dignity and respect.” Their exceptional standards for health care and for the comfort of their patients have withstood the last 75 years and will continue on into the future.  Your loved ones deserve nothing but the best in health care, keep them safe, keep them comfortable, and call Mid-Hudson, because “there’s no place like home.”

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