We live in a time when life can be so overwhelming if you let it.  The only true way to stop life from overwhelming you is to let peace rule in your heart.  The word Peace is an interesting word.  It can be defined as a lack of conflict or order, but there is so much more.  In this Christmas season, ‘Peace on Earth’ is really possible. Peace is not something that you can work up and does not come from being self-confident or trying harder, but true peace flows out of a place of learning to rest even in the midst of life’s storms.

Life’s storms will always come and go.  It really depends on how you choose to go through them.  What rules in your heart?  Whatever rules in your heart will ultimately control your response or reaction to a situation.  If anxiety or turmoil rule, then that will control your response, if peace fills your heart, then peace will control your response.

Colossians 3:15 encourages us to ‘…let the peace of God rule in your hearts…’

True peace is more than a feeling. True peace is connecting with a Person.  Jesus is referred to as the Prince of Peace or One who is Peace, the One who brings Peace, the One who gives us Peace.  True Peace comes as we learn to rest and trust in the goodness of God, even in the midst of trials and storms.

Jesus was in a boat traveling across the Sea of Galilee with His disciples one day when a storm came up suddenly.  The disciples in a panic awoke Jesus who was in the back of the boat sound asleep.  Jesus responded by asking them why they were so fearful?” He then spoke to the storm saying Peace be still, and the storm ceased.  {Mark 4:35-40}

What can we learn from this story?  We can only speak peace to our storms if we have an inner peace.  Inner peace comes from a person, and His name is Jesus!

My prayer is that you have a wonder-full Christmas and a new year full of Peace!

Let Peace rule in your heart!

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