Delancey’s.  “Where did the name come from,” we asked owner, Joe Betro.  “Well, no one has ever asked that,” he began, “I was born and raised in the Bronx and then, when I came to this area, Chester used to have a restaurant named, ‘Mulberry Street.’  I really liked the name and wanted something with the same feel, but I didn’t want to name it Delancey Street, so, Delancey’s.”

The first location of the dining establishment was in the Goshen Plaza, but for the last six years, 40 Park Place has been Delancey’s home.  When the recent fire at the neighbouring historic race track, Betro and a few of the staff were among the first to arrive and try to assist with the task of helping move the horses to safety.

“A number of us were here because we were in the middle of our reconstruction project,” Betro explained.

The dining room and adjacent bar area recently underwent extensive upgrades in décor including purple linens, new place settings, grey chairs, new lighting and Betro’s favourite part of the remodel is, “the bar, hands down,” which features lumber with a live edge, reclaimed shiplap and copper accents throughout the space.  Currently, the restaurant employs an average of over 65 full and part-time employees with 30 – 35 working on an average Friday night.  However, “we are family oriented and our employees are like family,” says Betro.  “This is a great place to work and so when we have college students who go away to school, they always want to come back when they are home.”

Betro’s real-life family include his wife, Kristine, their three children; Joey, Frankie and Jordan and yes, the Betro’s are grandparents to Natalie and Madeline.

“Let’s to go to Papa’s restaurant to eat,” Betro says he has heard one of his granddaughter’s request.

Known area restaurateur and Goshen resident, Betro may also look familiar as the owner of The Country Club at Otterkill, John Angelo’s Pizzeria or Roccoroma (Italian food market and deli).

The menu may be described as classic American, and Chef Mike Urato shares, “I started cooking fairly young because my mother had to work and got home at 4:30, so my older brother was doing his own thing, my father was old fashioned and wanted dinner on the table at 5:30, so I helped out.  I went on to become a Culinary Institute of America graduate in 1984 and I came on board here almost seven years ago.”

The menu at Delancey’s began by highlighting, “Pasta, Seafood and Steaks,” and Chef Urato is proud to say, “We have a pasta and ravioli machine and the pappardelle is made in house, as well as dressings, sauces, and almost everything.”  Betro added, “I think people would be surprised to know everything we make from scratch as well as the time and effort it takes.  It can take 45 minutes to make two gallons of bleu cheese dressing and that’s why the day begins at 8:30 a.m.”

Asked about revising the menu along with the décor, Chef Urato was pleased to say many classic dishes would stay, but, “If you do not want to get stagnant, you have to keep moving forward, so we opted to move the menu forward a bit.”

Specials are handwritten on a new paper board and continuously alternate to highlight seasonally fresh ingredients.  Asked their favourite dishes, Chef Urato said, “I just love Italian food so I’d have to say a big bowl of pasta with gravy and meatballs, especially on a Sunday.”

Betro agreed, “Spaghetti Bolognese is probably my favourite,” and you may spot him eating at the bar in Delancey’s.

Chef Urato includes a few family recipes among the dishes at Delancey’s.  “The meatballs are my mother’s and the cheesecake is my aunt’s,” he laughs.

Long-time employees, Manager Oscar Vidals who has been with Delancey’s for 12 years and server Lee Smith who has worked for Betro since 2001 were able to take a few minutes to share their thoughts.  Asked if they have had any celebrities in the dining room, Smith shared, “Oh yes.  We have Jimmy Sturr in sometimes twice per week and Vincent Pastore from the Soprano’s ate here.  The group also recalled Joe Piscopo stopping in.

“The main thing is,” Smith said, “I love working here.  It is very family oriented and a great atmosphere.  I enjoy what I do and the customers can feel it and tell as well.”

Vidals nods and adds, “It is rare to find good, quality people and so when we do, we take care of them and they become part of our family.”

With a family friendly work place environment and the customer service skills to ensure their guests are treated well, Joe Betro and Delancey’s staff ensure your meal will be pleasant experience whether you are on a date night, celebrating a personal or business milestone or need to hold a private event.  If interested in off-site catering, Delancey’s can meet your needs for this service as well.  Call (845) 294 – 8254 for more details.

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